ARINAlert - designed and assembled in the USA by ARIN Technologies

ARIN Technologies brings GPS-like abilities indoors, helping clients mitigate risk and optimize processes by improving visibility and situational awareness. ARIN’s patented and proprietary localization technology is poised to enable the next industrial revolution. 

Founded in Pittsburgh in 2015, ARIN Technologies set out on a journey to track first responders for accountability under the acronym “Applied Research in Inertial Navigation.” Today, ARIN’s cutting edge applications are in use across the U.S. and on the forefront of location services. 

ARINAlert™ precisely measures the relative location of workers or other protected assets and uses this information to determine appropriate alerting behavior. ARINAlert™ is also able to differentiate between workers, protected assets and other vehicles. ARINAlert™ can keep track of many workers and protected assets simultaneously.

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ARINAlert™ is tested very thoroughly to ensure that it will only alert when there is a need to alert the vehicle operator. We understand from many vehicle operators that a high rate of false alerts causes them to start ignoring the system. We also understand that the system has to always provide an alert when there is a protected worker or property nearby.

ARINAlert™ is designed to enable you to have access to the latest software capabilities. ARIN Technologies is constantly updating the software that makes ARINAlert™ work. This software can easily be installed on your ARINAlert™ devices if your organization wants to be able to have the latest software capabilities.

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