ARINAlert - designed and assembled in the USA by ARIN Technologies

ARINAlert™ precisely measures the relative location of workers or other protected assets and uses this information to determine appropriate alerting behavior. ARINAlert™ is also able to differentiate between workers, protected assets and other vehicles. ARINAlert™ can keep track of many workers and protected assets simultaneously.

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ARINAlert™ is tested very thoroughly to ensure that it will only alert when there is a need to alert the vehicle operator. We understand from many vehicle operators that a high rate of false alerts causes them to start ignoring the system. We also understand that the system has to always provide an alert when there is a protected worker or property nearby.

ARINAlert™ is designed to enable you to have access to the latest software capabilities. ARIN Technologies is constantly updating the software that makes ARINAlert™ work. This software can easily be installed on your ARINAlert™ devices if your organization wants to be able to have the latest software capabilities.