Actionable Data Collection of Forklift Activites

The ARINAlert solution allows the collection of actionable data from forklift activities.

Key Benefits

Identify reasons for various types of incidents
Generate automatic near miss reports
Identify forklift operators and workers who may benefit from training and reduce turnover
Determine congestion zones and high-traffic areas
Track forklift utilization, etc.
Optional plug-and-play data hub

How it works

Attach a monitoring unit to each forklift

Workers have wearable PPD – these can be provided on an ad-hoc basis or assigned to workers

Install Data Collection hubs at locations of interest

Data is automatically off loaded from the forklift monitoring unit and pedestrian wearables by the data hub. This data is then uploaded to a secure cloud server for dashboarding and analytics.


The only real time data collection and analytics capability in the market

Plug-and-play installation

Scaleable implementation

Equipment required

Installed Forklift Monitoring Unit and/or pedestrian wearables

Data Collection hubs at appropriate locations

Installation process

Attach the monitoring unit to the center of the forklift with zip ties.

Train pedestrian workers on use of pedestrian PPD wearable

Install data hubs at appropriate locations where data will be collected

Set up dashboard for data display and regular updates