Actionable Data Collection of Forklift Activites

The ARINAlert solution allows forklift operators to automatically, safely and reliably communicate with each other by providing audible and visual alerts to both parties.


Identify “Near Miss” Incidents

Data collection allows identification, tracking and reporting of:

  • forklifts with high numbers of “near misses”
  • pedestrians (anonamous) with high numbers of “near misses”
  • locations with near misses
  • high traffic times for forklifts and people

Reduce Operating Costs & Improve Productivity

By greatly reducing accidents between forklifts and/or workers, you also greatly reduce non-productive activities (costs):

  • Lost worker productivity
  • Accident investigations and reports
  • Unexpected equipment repairs
  • Employee training
  • Etc….

This allows you to focus efforts on being more productive.

Cost Effective & Easy Implementation

Being a “wireless” solution, there is no need to disrupt current operations to run expensive wires across your facility thus saving you time and expense in implementing a safe and reliable solution.

Being a modular solution allows you scale up your implementation as your needs and budget dictate.