ARINAlert - Protect Workers, Forklifts and Equipment

  • Protect Workers from Forklifts
  • Protect Forklifts from each other
  • Eliminate Property Damage

The most costly, in terms of time money and most importantly human anguish involve forklifts and workers that get run over by forklifts. These can range from crushed toes to fatalities.

ARINAlert can provide the forklift operator with a personal traffic light that alerts the operator to the presence of workers in the area. ARINAlert is tested to provide this alert within 0.3 seconds of the worker crossing a predefined threshold around the forklift.

ARINAlert is fully configurable and can provide different warning and danger thresholds based on the size of the forklift.

Forklifts run into one another regularly and cause damage to the forklifts.

The visible damage is easy to repair but there is the possibility of damage to the internal mechanisms of the forklift. The cost of repairing damage to a forklift includes the cost of repair person + cost of parts + the lost time that the forklift is not being used and the possible need for extra forklifts to compensate.

ARINAlert can warn a forklift operator to the presence of other forklifts in the vicinity and eliminate the risk of collision and damage.

Forklifts cause property damage. Some experts estimate this damage to be on average $1 per Sq ft per year in your total facility.

ARINAlert can easily provide forklift operators with alerting as they get close to protected high value property. The distance at which warning is provided can easily be configured.

Benefits: ARINAlert Forklift Collision Avoidance System

With ARINAlert you can reduce accidents between forklift and pedestrians and fixed/mobile assets.

People perform their best when they feel safe. ARINAlert situational awareness provides forklift operators and pedestrian workers with a safe environment to work. This leads to improved workers’ morale and better performance.

Vehicles invariable will collide with each other or with other property. These collisions can lead to high maintenance costs. With ARINAlert you can avoid these collisions and reduce maintenance cost significantly.

Avoiding accidents overall helps reduce unplanned downtime. The predictability that collision avoidance brings to your facilities operations has a direct impact on worker and equipment productivity and directly contributes to the bottom line.