Blind Corner & Intersection Solutions

The ARINAlert solution allows forklift operators to automatically, safely and reliably communicate with each other by providing audible and visual alerts to both parties.


Improve Awareness, Safety & Morale

Awareness –> Safety –> Morale

By drastically improving awareness between forklift operators and workers, you can provide a safer working environment for everyone.

And when workers feel safe, they perform better leading to improved morale.


Reduce Operating Costs & Improve Productivity

By greatly reducing accidents between forklifts and/or workers, you also greatly reduce non-productive activities (costs):

  • Lost worker productivity
  • Accident investigations and reports
  • Unexpected equipment repairs
  • Employee training
  • Etc….


This allows you to focus efforts on being more productive.

Cost Effective & Easy Implementation

Being a “wireless” solution, there is no need to disrupt current operations to run expensive wires across your facility thus saving you time and expense in implementing a safe and reliable solution.

Being a modular solution allows you scale up your implementation as your needs and budget dictate.

There is minimal downtime as forklifts are fitted with the necessary components.