COVID-19 Social Distancing PPE

SocialDistancer: COVID-19 Social Distancing PPE

Even during this time of dealing with COVID-19, your employees need to be concentrating on their work, not on who is in the vicinity. Having to constantly scan their personal space to check and see if anyone has entered their private space is not only disruptive to employees, it causes productivity to suffer.

No matter if your employees are at a workstation or walking through the facility, the SocialDistancer™ provides a level of assurance to your employees that their space is being guarded while they concentrate on their work.

With the two videos below, you can witness SocialDistancer in action with regards to several different scenarios.

Closer look at the SocialDistancer PPE

What is included?

SocialDistancer PPE

USB charging cord


Instruction Guide (PDF)


SocialDistancer Illustrated

SocialDistancer FAQ

How are employees alerted to the presence of other employees?
Each employee must be wearing a SocialDistancer PPE for the alerts to take place.

How are the SocialDistancers worn by employees?
SocialDistancer PPE’s may be carried in a pocket or worn on a lanyard.

What happens when two employees come into close proximity?
At 2 meters (6 feet), an audible signal is emitted from each of the SocialDistancer PPE. Therefore, both employees are notified. If more than two employees are involved, everyone within the 2-meter range is notified.

How is SocialDistancer different from other emerging solutions?
SocialDistancer is build on high-precision Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology. Instead of presence detection, SocialDistancer alerts you exactly when someone breaks your bubble.

How loud is the audible signal?
The audible signal is 88dBA at 10 cm (4 inches) which usually loud enough for most situations with modest noise levels.

How is the SocialDistancer powered?
The SocialDistancer PPE’s are battery powered and can be recharged using a standard USB micro-plug, like many electronic devices (e.g. cell phones). The USB micro-plug cable can be plugged into a standard 5V laptop or desktop computer USB port. Alternatively, the USB micro-plug cable can be plugged into an appropriate electrical outlet.

There is also an optional charging station that can charge up to five SocialDistancer PPE’s simultaneously (available in our webstore).

How long does the battery last? How long to charge?
The Lithium ION battery in the SocialDistancer PPE can last at least 16 hours before recharging is required. Charging time is around 8 hour when battery is fully depleted.

Is there a test button so employees can use to confirm the SocialDistancer is active?
There is no test button but you know it is working when the blue light is on.

Is there an alert when the battery is low?
The blue light on the front will blink and you will here a fast beep when the battery is low.

Can SocialDistancer do contact tracing?
Yes, with the purchase of a data collection hub and service. The PPE will log up to 300 actions in the event that someone does encroach your warning bubble. These interactions are uploaded anonymously to a cloud server where contact tracing is available via unique PPE identification. Please contact us at (724) 897-7216 or for detail

Does SocialDistancer tracing comply with HIPPA regulations?
Yes, SocialDistancer tracing protects employee privacy and complies with HIPPA regulations and other laws.

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