ARINAlert System Components

ARINAlert System Components for Forklifts

ARINAlert Traffic Signal
Visual Alert

Intuitive Traffic light type Signaling system

ARINAlert Audible Alert Component
Audible Alert

Self adjusting and configurable Alarms

ARINAlert Power and Senor Component
Power & Monitoring Unit

Forklift Monitoring Unit (FMU) Physical device attached to the Powered Forklift.

ARINAlert System Components for Pedestrians

ARINAlert WearableTag
Pedestrian Tags

Pedestrian tags (PEDs) are wearable active
Person Protection Equipment (PPE)

Personnel, and Equipment are “tagged” with PEDs to be alerted
by the Forklift Monitoring Units (FMUs)

ARINAlert Charger
Charging Station

ARIN’s Charging station can recharge up to 5 PEDs at once. It is designed for seamless charging, just drop the tag into a slot and forget about it.

The charging base is expandable by adding multiple charging stations per requirements of the customer and number of PEDs in use.

ARINAlert System Components for Aisles

ARINAlert Area Monitor
Area Monitor

ARINAlert-X warns pedestrians when a “tagged” forklift approaches a blind corner or dangerous intersection