Technology Comparison

ARINAlert vs. Camera Based systems

Core technology used: Ultra wide band vs. Camera Vision with machine learning

Alerting - ARINAlert alerts both the forklift operator and pedestrian worker. Camera based systems only alert the forklift operator. 

ARINAlert Will work through obstacles and will alert the 

Precision: 10 cm (4 inches) vs, 1 Meter

Situations to consider

Ability to change Alerting behavior: ARINAlert can change alerting and forklift behavior based on where the forklift is operating while, camera based systems are unable to change alerting behavior based on where the forklift is operating.

Works in highly congested environments where pedestrian workers are fully obstructed by property such as racking/shelving/doors/products on pallets etc. 

Works in environments with low light that can cause problems with camera resolution and grainy images. 


ARINAlert vs. RFID Systems

Core technology - Ultra wideband vs. RFID

Distance of alerting - as far away as 40 meters (120 feet) vs, 4 meters (12 feet)



ARINAlert vs. Magnetic field generators

Core technology used: Ultrawide band vs. Magnetic field generator

Alerting - Both forklift operator and pedestrian worker. 

Magnetic fields based solutions, will have a difficult time working in places with a high density of iron. The iron interferes with the magnetic field. Uwb systems work without losing precision in all environments. 

Size of the pedestrian wearable is much smaller in comparison. 

Each part of the ARINAlert system can be configured independently i.e. pedestrian devices can have their own alerting distances independent of each other and the forklift units.