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Forklift Monitoring Unit

The Forklift Monitoring Unit (FMU) is installed on the powered industrial vehicle. The FMU detects other forklifts and pedestrial devices nearby and will alert the driver by changing the visual alert and providing an audible alert as well.

The FMU can also detect zone devices that can change the alerting behavior as well as control the operation of the PIV.

The FMU can be installed on IC engine vehicles as well as on battery powered electric forklifts.


Pedestrian Protective Device

The Pedestrian protective device (PED) will detect forklifts and will alert the pedestrian worker through audible and haptic alerts.

The volume of the PED can be adjusted as high as 93db.

The PED can be charged through a micro USB cable or with a charging station that can charge 5 PED's at a time.

Required for:PIV Alerting, Worker Alerting
Optional for: Authorized Driver


Area Monitor

The Area Monitor detects forklifts that are operating nearby and will alert through visual and audible means.

The Area monitor can be configured for many different applications such as

  • Alert to presence of forklifts 
  • Leave prevention device
  • Alert to presence of pedestrians

Required for: PIV Alerting, Worker Alerting,Area Monitor
Optional for: PED leave prevention


Zone Devices

Zone devices enable changing the behavior of the FMU to be changed. The various changes that can be triggered by zone devices include

  • Audible alerting 

  • Speed of PIV


PIV Relay Controller

The PIV relay controller (PRC) device is used to allow ignition and control speed of the forklift. This controller is used with either the FMU, the Shift Inspection Checklist device or the Proximity Alerting Device.

The PRC can slow or stop a forklift based on a set of rules defined by your operations managers or EHS team.

The PRC can also be used to control gates/doors and open or close them  through configuration.


Checklist Tablet

The Shift inspection checklist tablet is a ruggedized tablet that enable the ability to perform shift inspections. The checklist will inform the maintenance team of any maintenance required by the material handling equipment.

The checklist can be integrated with the PRC to prevent operation of a PIV that has not had the inspection performed as per defined schedule.

Required for:  Shift Inspection
Optional for: Authorized Driver


Proximity Sensor and Impact Monitor 

The Proximity Sensor will detect any item (fixed of moving) that is within a few feet from the forklift. On detection of nearby objects, the proximity sensor can slow or stop a forklift. The slow or stop behavior can be configured based on the the users policies.

The proximity sensor can also be used to determine the height of the mast and alert an operator when the mast is too high

The proximity sensor has an integrated impact sensor that can detect an impact and report it to the appropriate manager. The impact sensor can also trigger a stop condition for the forklift after impact.

Required for: Impact Monitoring
Optional for: Slow and Stop


Data Hubs

Collect data from all devices and send it to the ARINAlert dashboard for storage and analysis. 


Charging Station

The Pedestrian devices need to be charged every day, the Charging stations make it very easy to charge a device. Each station can charge upto 5 devices simultaneously.

Required for: Data to support Decisions
Optional for: Authorized Driver, Slow and Stop


Forklift Monitoring Unit: Specifications and DataSheet

Size: Control Box 93 mm x 65 mm x 60 mm, Stack Light 310 mm x 50 mm x 50 mm 

Weight:  565 g


Impact Rating: Control Box IK08,

IP Rating: Control Box IP66,

Power: 0.3A@12V to 0.1A@72V

Attached by Zip Ties

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