Frequently Asked Questions on Collision Avoidance System

ARINAlert uses the latest technology to very precisely measure distance between two devices. This distance measurement is then used to determine the kind of action to take and drives the type of alert to perform. 

ARINAlert will provide an alert within 0.33 seconds of a pedestrian worker, another forklift or tagged fixed property coming within predefined warning and danger zones. 

ARINAlert is designed to be very easy to install. A mechanic can install the system in under 15 minutes on a forklift or under 20 minutes on a dump truck or excavator.  

We recommend attaching the forklift monitoring unit to as close to the center of the forklift (or any industrial vehicle) with heavy duty zip ties and then attaching the buzzer and light bar to an appropriate place in the cab of the vehicle. Ensure that the light bar is visible to the operator directly since this is the primary means of alerting the operator. 

ARINAlert will provide audio and visual alerts. 

The audio alert can be a constant db buzzer or a variable intensity buzzer. 

The visual alert is a traffic light like system that shows Green for all clear, Yellow/Amber for presence of a protected asset within the predefined warning zone and Red for presence of a protected asset within a predefined Danger zone. 

There are products on the market that use technologies such as magnetic fields, RFID and Ultrasound to provide similar capabilities. We believe that our technology which is based on accurate time keeping and measuring time for radio signals to travel from one tag to another is superior to existing technologies. 

Magnetic Fields: Products using these technologies generate a strong magnetic field at low frequencies. These magnetic field generators are mounted above the head of the person operating the industrial vehicle. Tags on pedestrian workers detect these magnetic fields and use their presence to alert the worker and the forklift operator to the presence of a worker. 

RFID: Products using these technologies detect the presence of a specific radio frequency. The radio frequency is generated with a RF generator attached to the forklift and mounted above the head of the person operating the vehicle. RFID will detect presence and will use the presence detection to alert the vehicle operator. RFID suffers from lot of false positives.  

Ultrasound: This technology works like the parking assistant sensors on a car. The ultra sound sensors can detect the presence of obstacles near the forklift (upto 3 meters) and then use this information to alert a forklift operator to the proximity of the obstacle. 


We would love to tell you about the strengths and weaknesses of each of the different technologies used in building collision avoidance systems. Please contact us via our contact us form and we will gladly walk you through each technology, the applications it is good at addressing and their weaknesses. 

We will tell you about how our technology works, where it is great and where we recommend against using it. 

You can buy ARINAlert directly through us, ARIN Technologies, or our distributor, SunnySide Supply, located in Solvan, PA