Forklift to Workers Solutions

The ARINAlert solution allows forklift operators and workers (pedestrians) to automatically, safely and reliably communicate with each other by providing audible and visual alerts to both parties.


Improve Awareness, Safety & Morale

Awareness –> Safety –> Morale

By drastically improving awareness between forklift operators and workers, you can provide a safer working environment for everyone.

And when workers feel safe, they perform better leading to improved morale.


Reduce Operating Costs & Improve Productivity

By greatly reducing accidents involving forklifts and workers, you also greatly reduce non-productive activities (costs):

  • Lost worker productivity
  • Accident investigations and reports
  • Employee training
  • Etc….

This allows you to focus efforts on being more productive.

Cost Effective & Easy Implementation

Being a “wireless” solution, there is no need to disrupt current operations to run expensive wires across your facility thus saving you time and expense in implementing a safe and reliable solution.

Being a modular solution allows you scale up your implementation as your needs and budget dictate.

There is minimal downtime as forklifts are fitted with the necessary components.

Getting Started


For each forklift:
Visual & Audible Alert
Power & Forklift Monitoring Unit (FMU)

For each worker on a shift:
Pedestrian Tag (PED)

Charging Station


Installation instructions for attaching components to forklifts can be found here (see ARINAlert Forklift Monitoring Unit and Forklift Tag). No special tools required, just standard hand tools.

Set adjustable parameters (see User Manual and Product Information)

Each worker must have a PED on their person.

The PEDs must be charged to function and are designed to last for 16 hours (double shift) on a full battery charge.


ARINAlert Datasheet (PDF)
User Manual and Product Information (PDF)

Installation Instructions:
ARINAlert Forklift Monitoring Unit and Forklift Tag (PDF)

Technical Support:
P: 724-897-7216