Forklift to Workers Solutions

The ARINAlert collision avoidance solution allows forklift operators and workers (pedestrians) to automatically, safely and reliably communicate with each other by providing audible and visual alerts to both parties.

Key Benefits

Improve safety and meet duty of care to employee
Reduce maintenance costs from collisions
Improve productivity by allowing pedestrians to concentrate on their tasks (and not forklift activities)
ARINAlert Wearable COVID-19

How it works

Attach a monitoring unit with audio and visual alerts to forklifts

Pedestrians have a wearable personal protective device (PPD)

Forklift units detect pedestrians and other forklifts and warn operator based on distance from forklift

Alerts can be customized based on where the forklift is operating


Patented technology and product

Maximum 0.3 second response time

Precision in distance measurement: 2 inches

Three Configurable Zones

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Getting Started


For each forklift:
Visual & Audible Alert
Power & Forklift Monitoring Unit (FMU)

For each worker on a shift:
Pedestrian Tag (PED)

Charging Station


Installation instructions for attaching components to forklifts can be found here (see ARINAlert Forklift Monitoring Unit and Forklift Tag). No special tools required, just standard hand tools.

Set adjustable parameters (see User Manual and Product Information)

Each worker must have a PED on their person.

The PEDs must be charged to function and are designed to last for 16 hours (double shift) on a full battery charge.


ARINAlert Datasheet (PDF)
User Manual and Product Information (PDF)

Installation Instructions:
ARINAlert Forklift Monitoring Unit and Forklift Tag (PDF)

Technical Support:
P: 724-897-7216