ARINALert Forklift Collision Aviodance System

Until people can be completely removed from the dangers of heavy machinery …

Over the past few years, we have met many fascinating people in the warehouse industry. It always amazes us to see how things are made and transported. Each factory and distribution center is unique and fascinating, with impressive logistics, synchronization and size.
Despite the differences, everyone is genuinely concerned about safety. We hear repeatedly from plant managers and EHS specialists:

“We want our people to go home in the same condition that they arrived.”

Unfortunately, the investment in prevention is postponed or abandoned when the cost justification of the project is reached.

  • Managers have many pressures and projects on their plates. There is a constant optimization of resources happening and accident prevention has not bubbled to the top (yet).
  • Near misses are infrequent and a serious accident has not been experienced. A company with few “no days lost incidents” perceives the need to change as low. 
  • The return on investment (ROI) is not well-defined. Although the desire for an improved safety system exists, the vague ROI disqualifies the project from moving forward.

While this is totally understandable and well-meaning, it is short-sighted and risky.

In a perfect world, powered industrial trucks (e.g. forklifts) and people never work in the same space. In a near-perfect world, forklifts move slowly and cautiously, with acute awareness of their surroundings. In reality, there are deadlines, obstructed views, and moving parts in close quarters.

Until people can be completely removed from the dangers of heavy machinery, our ARINAlert™ system can help by providing audio and visual alerts to forklift operators that a pedestrian, valuable equipment or another forklift is in the vicinity.

ARINAlert Traffic Signal

Our ARINAlert system has been positively received.

Customers tell us it is:

  • A flexible system configured to perfectly suit our needs
  • Spot on accurate
  • Well-designed and the most polished product available

But don’t take our word for it. We firmly believe in real time evaluation of our products, nothing canned or orchestrated.