Questions to ask when selecting a forklift collision avoidance system

We suggest asking these questions, when shopping for and evaluating forklift collision avoidance systems.

Will your Product/Solution

  • Work in my specific environment. e.g. Loading dock, Aisles, Manufacturing area etc.
  • Configure to account for different equipment sizes, speed and loads
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3 Things to do before purchasing a forklift collision avoidance system

We recommend three things that any manufacturing or distribution company should do before they acquire a forklift collision avoidance system.

1: Train your workers

2: Segregate workers from forklift traffic to the extent possible

3: Create and manage a Read more

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Allow only authorized drivers

Allow only Authorized drivers on your forklifts

Accident risk goes up significantly when unauthorized and untrained people are able to turn on and operate a powered industrial vehicle. Powered industrial vehicles are smaller in size compared to regular cars Read more

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Do your Shift inspections easily and correctly!

Shift inspections are a necessary part of a safe work environment. Digital shift inspections help customers improve their processes and ensure a well maintained fleet of forklifts. A well maintained fleet also ensures that productivity stays high.

A shift Read more

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Which collisions are OK? With property or human workers

There is a lot of buzz about collision avoidance technology built on camera vision and AI. On paper a camera based system for forklift collision avoidance sounds great. Is it really the right solution for improving forklift safety?

Camera Read more

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Building a business case for engineering controls

Engineering Controls

Engineering Controls are used in scenarios where workplace hazards cannot be completely eliminated. They sit somewhere in the middle of the Hierarchy of Controls.

The elimination of hazards through the construction of physical barriers or offsetting of schedules Read more

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BLE vs UWB – Which Social Distancing Technology is Right for You?

UWB vs BLE Blog Post

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a common method used for communication between two (or more) devices. Everyday examples include having your smart phone connect to your car’s entertainment system or a wireless external headset.

Besides providing communication between devices, Read more

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Introducing SocialDistancer

Protective bubbles

As companies continue to either open up again or ramp up their activities, there still remains the need for social distancing in order to prevent a second wave of infections and threatening another shutdown.

According the latest CDC guidance Read more

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Will social distancing alerts become a thing?

Protective bubbles

Over the past few weeks, we have been surprised at the flurry of inquiries around social distancing. People are asking if we can alert workers when someone enters their bubble, or safe zone, generally accepted as 6 feet. The Read more

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Keeping your distance

Forklift distance to approaching pedestrian

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us acutely aware of “social distancing”. We here at ARIN Technologies believe that keeping your distance is always a good thing.

There are several factors to consider when determining a safe distance from a Read more

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