Allow only authorized drivers

Allow only Authorized drivers on your forklifts

Accident risk goes up significantly when unauthorized and untrained people are able to turn on and operate a powered industrial vehicle. Powered industrial vehicles are smaller in size compared to regular cars but weigh just as much as a typical car. Their weight can easily double when there is a load being moved. 

Authorized driver on forklift only!There are multiple ways to ensure that only authorized drivers get on forklifts or are able to operate any kind of material handling equipment. These methods include

  • Putting keys in a common key box in a place where only authorized drivers have access
  •  Training everyone who works in the facility to operate all the equipment
  • Providing personal “master” keys to each operator or a key to the equipment that person is trained to operate
  • Use shift inspections and authentication via the inspection process to enable turning on the equipment
  • Use personal protective devices like the ARINAlert pedestrian wearable as a keyfob. 

Each method has its strengths and will help address different situations. 


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