Questions to ask when selecting a forklift collision avoidance system

We suggest asking these questions, when shopping for and evaluating forklift collision avoidance systems.

Will your Product/Solution

  • Work in my specific environment. e.g. Loading dock, Aisles, Manufacturing area etc.
  • Configure to account for different equipment sizes, speed and loads
  • Change alerting behavior based on where it is located e.g. less alerts when in busy areas like Loading docks but normal alerting in Aisles or other parts of the building
  • Alert pedestrian as well as forklift operator to each others presence
  • Alert if the forklift is at risk of hitting fixed property such as shelving/racking etc.
  • Detect a pedestrian worker that may be doing inventory or checking a pallet when they are not in direct light of sight of the forklift collision avoidance system

Does your product

  • Require a separate power conversion device or circuit to operate
  • Work in high humidity and high temperature fluctuation areas
  • Alert people with color deficiency or impairment in hearing