Protective bubbles

Will social distancing alerts become a thing?

Over the past few weeks, we have been surprised at the flurry of inquiries around social distancing. People are asking if we can alert workers when someone enters their bubble, or safe zone, generally accepted as 6 feet. The desire for a solution must be strong as people are finding our website and making the mental leap from forklift collision avoidance to social distancing alerts.

Can we do it? Yes, we can!

At the core of ARINAlert is the ability to measure distances accurately and making decisions rapidly based on those measurements. It is a natural extension to give social distancing alerts.

How did we respond to such requests? Initially, we considered a single request to be an outlier and added it to the backlog. Several in-bounds later, we ran a short experiment. In this case, we packaged 2 pedestrian wearables with lightly customized software, added a buzzer and, voila, we created one social distance alerting system.

The ARINAlert wearable now provides a protective bubble.

Workers within 6 feet of each other (aerosol droplet range) receive a warning beep of 2 Hz and workers within 3 feet of each other (large droplet range) hear a danger beep of 4 Hz.

Stay away. Stay safe.

Now that we have established feasibility, we ask ourselves,

“Should we do it?”

It is understood that people need to feel safe at work. No employer wants the liability of exposing workers to illness, and nobody wants to get sick, especially when the consequences are high, but we have some questions:

  • Are people serious about investing in social distancing PPE?
  • Is social distancing a fad? Will people still care about this scenario after the curve has flattened and things return to normal?
  • In the wake of reduced productivity and trillions of dollars of economic damage, will widespread adoption of outbreak prevention technology become a priority?
  • Is it worth spending time to complete the development and commercialize social distance alerting?

What do you think? Will social distancing alerts become a thing?

Send us a note at and let us know what you think.