Which collisions are OK? With property or human workers

There is a lot of buzz about collision avoidance technology built on camera vision and AI. On paper a camera based system for forklift collision avoidance sounds great. Is it really the right solution for improving forklift safety?

Camera based solutions will promise that the cameras can differentiate between human workers and other objects and can alert the forklift operator to the presence of either.

We suggest you ask these questions before determining is a camera based solution is right for you

1: What happens if a person is behind a pallet and absolutely not visible to the forklift driver or camera?

2: What happens if a person around a corner and not in the line of sight of the forklift driver or camera?

3: Are you Ok if the forklift hits a pallet of product or fixed property but do not want the forklift to hit a pedestrian worker?

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