Questions to ask when selecting a forklift collision avoidance system

We suggest asking these questions, when shopping for and evaluating forklift collision avoidance systems.

Will your Product/Solution

  • Work in my specific environment. e.g. Loading dock, Aisles, Manufacturing area etc.
  • Configure to account for different equipment sizes, speed and loads
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3 Things to do before purchasing a forklift collision avoidance system

We recommend three things that any manufacturing or distribution company should do before they acquire a forklift collision avoidance system.

1: Train your workers

2: Segregate workers from forklift traffic to the extent possible

3: Create and manage a Read more

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Allow only authorized drivers

Allow only Authorized drivers on your forklifts

Accident risk goes up significantly when unauthorized and untrained people are able to turn on and operate a powered industrial vehicle. Powered industrial vehicles are smaller in size compared to regular cars Read more

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